Three times in a row

On July 1st, I got the email from the Global MVP Administrator. I got the MVP award the third time in a row :)

I'm pretty proud about that and I'm happy to be part of the great MVP community one year more. I'm also looking forward to the Global MVP Summit in March to meet all the other MVPs from around the world.

Not really a fan-boy...?

I'm also proud of that, because I don't really call me a Microsoft fan-boy. And sometimes, I also criticize some tools and platforms built by Microsoft (feel like a bad boy). But I like most of the development tools build by Microsoft and I like to use the tools, and frameworks and I really like the new and open Microsoft. The way how Microsoft now supports more than its own technologies and platforms. I like using VSCode, Typescript and Webpack to create NodeJS applications. I like VSCode and .NET Core on Linux to build Applications on a different platform than Windows. I also like to play around with UWP Apps on Windows for IoT on a Raspberry PI.

There are much more possibilities, much more platforms, much more customers to reach, using the current Microsoft development stack. And this is really fun to play with it, to use it in real project, to write about it in .NET magazines, in this blog and to talk about it in the user groups and on conferences.


But I wouldn't get honored again without such a great development community. I wouldn't continue to contribute to the community without that positive feedback and without that great people. This is why the biggest "Thank You" goes to the development community :)

Sure, I also need to say "Thank You" to my great family (my lovely wife and my three kids) which supports me in spending som much time to contribute to the community. I also need to say Thanks to my company and my boss for supporting me and allowing me to use parts of my working time to contribute the the community.