New Blog Series: Customizing ASP.​NET Core

Update 2021-02-01

This series is pretty much outdated!

As asked by a reader, I compiled the entire series into a book and updated the contents to the latest version of ASP.NET Core. This book is now ready to get ordered on Amazon:

Customizing ASP.NET Core

Read here to learn more about the book

With this post I want to introduce a new blog series about things you can or maybe need to customize in ASP.NET Core. Initially this series will contain ten different topics. Maybe later I'll write some more posts about that.

The initial topics are based on my talk about Customizing ASP.NET Core. I did this talk several times in German and English. I did the talk on the .NET Conf 2018 as well.

Unfortunately on the .NET Conf the talk started with pretty bad audio for some reasons. The first five minutes can be moved directly to the trash IMHO. I also could only show 7 out of 10 demos, even if I tried to get all the demos into 45 minutes one day before. I'm almost sure the audio problem wasn't on my side. Via the router I disconnected almost all devices from the internet during the our I was presenting and it went well before the presentation when we did the latest tech check.

Anyway, after five minutes the audio went a lot better and the audience was able to follow the rest of the presentation.

For this series I'm going to follow the same order as in that presentation, which is the order from bottom to top, from the server configuration parts, over Web.API up to the MVC topics.

Initial series topics

Additional series topics

Do you want to see that talk?

If you are interested in this talk about Customizing ASP.NET Core, feel free to drop me a comment, a message via Twitter or an email. I'm able to do it remotely via Skype, Skype for Business or on side, if the travel costs are covered somehow. For free at community events, like Meetups or user group meetings and fairly paid on commercial events.

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